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The International High School Library is open from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm daily. Students may use the library during free periods, lunch periods, with a class, and before or after school with a pass from the library media specialist. 



1) E-Book (Heading) 

Bartley (

Project Gutenberg (


2) Research Help (Heading) 

Evaluating Web Sites: Criteria and (

Information Evaluation Rubric (


3) General Online Reference Sources 

Library of Congress (

Human Rights Watch (

United To End Genocide (

Holocaust Resources (

Encyclopedia Mythica (

The Africa Center (

Latino American Experience (

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History (

Poetry Foundation (

Research Think Tanks (

US Census Bureau (


 4) International Newspapers

International Herald Tribune (

The Tribune is the international edition of the New York Times.


The Daily Telegraph (

This is the major daily newspaper for Sydney, Australia


The Globe and Mail (

This is the paper of record for Canada.


The Japan Times (

This is the English-language website for the major daily newspaper in Tokyo, Japan.


The Times (

This is the major daily newspaper of London, England and the paper of record for the United Kingdom.



5) These would go under the Online Database Subscriptions ( the links below give us direct access as tech provided the company with our IP range) 

(we can remove nettrekker and newspaper direct as the district does not subscribe anymore) 


Access World News:<>


America’s Historical Newspapers:<>

Find a Topic:<>